Bueno Vista i bawb o bobl y byd…!

Bueno Vista! Ole! Viva Galles…

Ebrill 2013 094

Slainte! Failte!

Wilkommen aus unser neue http://www.panwalescymru.wordpress.com. Wir hoffen, das Mann hier alles an Walesische musik kennen kann. Bitte fragen sie alle, dass Sie brauchen. In 2013, Womex is in Wales geblieben. Wenn Sie in Wales blieben hoffen, konnen wir auch Ihnen hilfen.

J’habite en Cardiff, je suis gallois. J’ai deux chats, ils appellent Minky et Paws. Ils sont souers, mais Minky aimet Paws pas. Paws aimet Minky ne pas. Paws, je t’aime. Minky je t’aime. Zut alors, je prefere musique!

As you can see, we’ll be trying to communicate with you in as many languages as possible on this new site, which is a handy way of ensuring that we can use English as a lingua franca while we work on our Chinese.

Speaking of which, we now have correspondents in both China and Korea now, who’ll be using English for the same reason.
That, plus the fact my ability to read Chinese or Korean is pretty sketchy.

That wasn’t intended as a pun on non-Roman alphabets but you may read it as such should you wish.


Pedro/ Peadear / Peter / Pedr


2 responses to “Bueno Vista i bawb o bobl y byd…!

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