Chinese Takeaway The Mighty Mr. Wah!

Dyma’r diweddaraf o Dsiena felly : (via )

Gwnaeth William Gray sylw ar eich statws.

Ysgrifennodd William:

“Wales isn’t very well known in China at all from my limited understanding, however I would imagine they would like the fact there is a dragon on the national flag!

Saying you are from Wales in Chinese is quite difficult to pronounce as well making it even more difficult for me to communicate where I am originally from. Once they hear the word as it is properly pronounced in Mandarin then I am still not sure if many would know where Wales is unless it was explained to them that Wales is part of the UK.

When it comes to the 292 living languages of China I would not like to say how many even have a word for Wales but it would be interesting to find out.

Mao statue

I think most Chinese people just think of Britain rather than England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland individually. So it is often easier to say you are British which is not great for a patriotic Welsh person admittedly.

There is certainly much room for improvement in promoting Welsh culture or Scottish and Irish culture too for that matter. Beginning with the Celts might be a good starting point.

With Chinese people travelling outside China more frequently these days, there is much to be gained from Wales promoting itself and its culture to the Chinese in order to increase tourism. In addition, as China encompasses many different ethnic groups, many would perhaps understand the notion of wanting to reassert Welsh language, history and culture.

In addition, Chinese people are proud of the fact China is an ancient civilisation so would be interested to know that Celtic identity goes all the way back to mid 1st millennium AD in terms of the British Isles apparently.

If I had to guess I’d say the most famous Welsh people in China are most likely to be Ryan Giggs or Gareth Bale. As the Premiership is effectively the brand responsible for this, whether the Chinese necessarily generally know precisely where individual players in the league actually come from would largely depend on the depth of their interest.”

Gadael Ymateb

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