Great Korea Move?! We’re looking for the Wales…

Dyma’r diweddara diweddaraf o’r Dwyrain Pell…

Gwnaeth Allistair Elliott sylw ar eich statws.

Ysgrifennodd Allistair: “The UK is England, they prefer Whales to the Welsh and have not heard of Tom Jones, though Kenny Rogers is popular – though not Welsh obviously. Korea really is at the end of the world, which makes spotting tiny Wales nearly impossible. However, one student of mine this term expressed her desire to go on the Pembroke Way, so there is an awareness, albeit small. However, this might be a way to promote Wales to the Koreans. They do like their hiking. It is one of their national hobbies. Promote toughness rather than granduer or scenery and you might get some interest. But good luck. The locals knowledge of the outside world is slight, with an overwhelming preference for their internal world.”

Daethpwyd o hyd i’r sylw/blog yma via dilynwch! …

Where there are blogs fresh from The Far East every day! At the moment, although this can be dependent on (un)seasonal weather.

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Now my name is:

Mwd! / Mud

And no, I don’t dig no Tiger Feet

PS “Looking for the Whales” is a fantastic A-Ha song, although not one which has a dependable link on youtube at the moment it seems. Might be worth you seeking it out anyhow though, for reasons of homonymity.

Gadael Ymateb

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