£ It’s not laundering, it’s just keeping it nice and clean and tidy £


Ali Ali Ali…


So the bank holiday begins. Ha. And ha again. And ha, ha effing ha to complacent fools everywhere who still tow the party line that those in charge give a rat’s arse about your well being. I am, of course, laughing in a very hollow way. This gives me no pleasure at all, but I will say again though – wake the eff up. Start doing stuff. Something. Tiny things like oooo, I dunno, move your money out of your bank and into the account of a friend who has a none western account, say a South Korean account for example. Well blow me if I don’t have one of those.

Seriously. why not. I know Korean banks are in hoc also. However they are, reletively speaking, more safe and more secure than yours. Either that or just pull your money out and sleep on it. Better than leaving it there for the grubby hands of the banks and Governments to plunder. And my how they will plunder. Quietly, stealthily, but very, very avericiously until one day you will wake up and it’s all gone.

Again. If anyone wants to store money in my account they can do. Just drop me a private message and we’ll get it organised.

[ Originally posted by our man in Korea on facebook. For more info: http://www.facebook.com/pan.wales ]

This is not to my knowledge a pyramid scheme and this blog is not responsible for any money you choose to wire to Korea,


2 responses to “£ It’s not laundering, it’s just keeping it nice and clean and tidy £

  1. … Been thinking about my post. I was quite surprised by how it was interpretted. No idea I was offering a Nigerian scheme, but then, it does read like gthat doesn’t it. Except you do know who I am, so it’s a bit more safe.

    However, I think the idea is a good one and one that should be done. If people don’t trust me (bastard friends that I have – you know who you are!!!!!!) then either find someone more reliable or open up a bank account in a more stable area. Now I know this is quite tricky as the banking system is quite interlocked, but if I were in the Eurozone and I was British for example, I would be definitely think about opening up and transfering money to an Australian account. There has got to be a way of doing it on-line surely. I’m pretty sure the Aus banks would welcome European money (for whatever that’s worth) and being Australia, I’d be pretty sure you could access your money via a visa account if you really needed it. It’ll maybe cost £3 a go, but then it would be for emergency purposes only.

    Much like my offer. I am seriously offering anybody free use of my account to safely store their money from the predatory grasp of the thieving banks and Governments. If people don’t trust me and wanna leave their money in their European bank accounts then fine. The question to be answered is, is it any safer their than with me?

    A&E Holdings is open for business. Who’s first.

    And buying gold and silver. Investment in gold bullion is VAT free, but silver is VATted at 20%. At least in the UK.

  2. I [am] offer[ing] long-term rent. I am not a bank, However, it is interesting isn’t it. Isn’t this exactly how banks start up and all that they really are. If I can convince you to give me your money with ONLY a promise to give it back to you when you need it, then will you bank with me? If it sweetens the deal Wayne, sure, I can offer you long-term loans. Sure. Whatever. I can promise you the moon on a stick if that’s what it takes for you to give me your money. Just so long as you give me the money.

    Oh, and btw, now that I am [a bank, and offered you the moon on a stick and am] still broke despite bailouts, printouts, interst rate freezes, public asset firesales, interest rate rigging, market manipulation, money-laundering, regulation fixing, Government lobbying and fraud, I’m actually now just going to reach into your accounts and take a percentage of your money for myself. The nasty pain you will feal will be that of your scrotum being roughly squeezed by my hand on the way out. The sound you can here is my laughter.

    Have a nice day now.

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