2.5.13 Cardiff’s First “Folk Off” fight 8pm Dempseys FREE IN

#FolkOff Cardiff

Ebrill 2013 045

There’s more than one Welsh folk session in the capital city at the moment, and Thursday 2nd May 2013 8pm sees the #PeterPaulandCeilidh session hit the ground running, as regulars from The Cayo and The Romilly meet head-to-head in a neutral venue : Four Bars Cardiff, upstairs at Dempsey’s on Womanby St for what’s already been called a “Folk Off” at the home of Twmpath Myn Iau.


Each will in turn put forward their finest folk fiddlers and players, their singers and their horn players to win the ultimate accolade of “Folk Off” winner. This ages-old tradition will ensure the vitality of the local folk’s scene. For another year at least.

There will be only one winner of course; the Pan Wales folk scene. Watch this space : http://youtube.com/panwalesmusiccymru.

8pm Four Bars Cardiff, FREE IN all evening. Players welcome! Further info: cardiffrinj @ dailingual DOT com


Mae WOMEX, arddangosfa’r byd cerddorol yng Nghaerdydd yn yr hydref, ac fe wnawn ni sicrhau ein bod yn barod i groesawu’r byd a’i betws. Diolch.






2.5.13 Folk Off Cardiff rinj.docx

Gadael Ymateb

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