What is #Praxis wedi’i esbonio!

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Dyma baragraff o lyfr nes i is-olygu, felly gobeithio mae’n ddealladwy:

Adorno “…[tried] to demonstrate that market-oriented arrangements of fragments of classical music (the minuet from Mozart’s E flat major Symphony, played in radio potpourris without the other components of this symphony, is one of Adorno’s examples) lead towards a reified fetishism of the so called ‘beautiful’ parts that is analogous to and stems from the universality of the commodity-form.

Under the soft dictatorship of the market the listener has a chance to get a new and insightful perception the fragmented parts, unlike – following Adorno – the case with cubist painting or dissonant music.

Psychological regression and the culturally reinforced integration of the working class, pseudo activity instead of civic or revolutionary praxis, are some the disastrous results of the cultural industry’s fragmentation of the art work’s totality.

from ‘Adorno and Critical Theory’

– Hauke Brunkhorst (University of Wales Press, Cardiff 1999)


hynny yw, mae Sonic Youth yn wych ac yn well oherwydd y gwrthgyferbyniad rhwng y darnau melodig ac anodd.

Daytrip during the Fleadh

Ogofau Iwerddon

Ac o be dwi’n ddeall, cafwyd ‘physical representation of commodity fetishism’ a la Marx yn ystod y sioe gyda Gruff yn siopa ar treadmill.

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Gadael Ymateb

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