Pop music will turn you into an Insect!

Dyfyniad diwethaf am waith Adorno am y tro :

In early 1940 Adorno identified popular music as part of the effort of late capitalism to transform man into an insect…

“To become transformed into an insect, man needs that energy which might possibly achieve his transformation into man”

ffrinj hydref flyer

Don’t forget #ADayInTheDiff :

#WhenItWasSixtyThree celebrates 50 years since the Fab Four first played Cardiff!

follow @cardiffrinj for further details, though this much we know :

Buffalo Bar, Windsor Place and yr Wyl Cardiffrinj Caerdydd Festival invite you back 50 years in their DeLorean to 1963, and a host of cover versions of popular C&W and Tin Pan Alley tunes, allied to a host of post-war amphetamine laced-Hamburgers (metaphorically speaking at least)

Gadael Ymateb

Rhowch eich manylion isod neu cliciwch ar eicon i fewngofnodi:

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