Gerry Adams – dawn y cyfarwydd?


“Culture is a term with a wide variety of meanings and is understood in many different ways.  Some people associate it with art, opera, classical music; others with the theatre or classical literature.  In other words, it is often perceived as a high-brow commodity consisting of certain activities which are seen as the preserve of a privileged minority.

Culture is not, of course, the preserve of any one set of people or of any one class.  Culture involves every aspect of our lives and is not restricted to the artistic expressions which humankind has developed.  Culture is the ideas and attitudes of people; it is an indications of how we view things and it is our response to the environment in which we live.  National culture is the reflection of the politics, economics, values , attitudes, aspirations and thoughts of a nation  It is the totality of our response to the world we live in.”

Fel nes trydar gynne, dydi Gerry Adams ddim yn un am ôl-nodiadau / Adams’ not famed for his ability to reference his Raymond Williams-esque (vs M. Arnold, obviously) ideas with academic footnotes.  Still, I don’t suppose many people quibbled with him about that.  Persuasive fellow that he was/ is.

This is better, and will write it here before possibly cutting and pasting to Carl Morris’ later :

“Instead our educational system instils the values of materialism, of the profit motive.  It teaches the ways of colonialism, the values of imperialism and survivalism and eradicates our sense of national culture, of independence, of individualism”.

Yr erthygl yn gwella’n sylweddol wedyn, man a man argraffu’r holl beth…

Inspirational writing from Gerry Adams, seek it out.


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