Open Letter (to a film festival)

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Monkey sea, monkey does

Annwyl Gwyl Ffilmiau Bach,

congratulations on the film festival, as I mentioned when we met in Porters I had a good evening – particularly as I’d had a few beers with the Slay who was an excellent choice for the S4C Q & A.

However, I hadn’t mentioned that I did experience some social embarrasment during the Welsh films showing; to begin with, I was extremely uncomfortable that you’d seen it fit to have a comedian – Welsh he may have been but he wasn’t speaking Welsh – blather on inbetween the films. So when he asked me (from the stage) if I wanted to here some more ‘jokes’ or see the next film, I think I probably said that I was there to see the films.

This all followed your volunteer’s announcement / greeting “That’s what I call a turnout!” to the – granted – six or so of…

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Gadael Ymateb

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