STOP PRESS : Galicia session to go ahead

Cayo Arms, Cathedral Rd Cardiff presents the inaugral Galician session, Thursday 8.30pm sharp

as it says today on Facebook on the event itself :

Hi all,

It was a very sad night, it is a very sad day, and we seriously thought about cancelling the whole thing… but we are not going to.

If you are coming, please try to make it for 8:30PM sharp, when we want to pay our respects to those who were involved on yesterday’s train crash in Santiago de Compostela.

Years ago I was asked to play at a funeral in Galicia: a Galician emigrant who had lived for most of his life in Buenos Aires, had returned back to his homeland and died there. I went to his deeply saddened daughter and asked what she wanted us to play, offering a number of marches and solemn tunes, and she replied “No, no, no… Don’t you know muiñeiras and jotas and lively melodies like those? He did not really believed in priests and The Church and such, but he definitely liked this music and he would have wanted it to be played at his funeral and to make it as happy an occasion as possible”.

Please help us achieving just that this very evening.

Really looking forward to seeing you all there.

Apertas e saúde,

Gerardo Albela González

>>> visit to see the Galician pipers in action!


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Gadael Ymateb

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