Mach Won

Machynlleth won over by forthcoming Folk Festival

In happier times, people made music to express their joy.
In recent times, people have made music to express their confusion and grief.
In the future, people will continue to make music, as it is in all of us.

The Machynlleth mini-Folk Festival “Mach One” will take place in the Woodland Pavilion near Plas Machynlleth on Saturday August 24th 2013 and will welcome everyone in the community to celebrate what has been a fantastic summer of sunshine.

We’re looking for musicians, singers and performers to complete a wonderful line-up of local musicians that includes members of the Aberystwyth Folk Club. They’ve spent the summer composing and performing sets in honour of founding member Ian Gulley, in order to raise money for the Bronglais Hospital Leri Day Centre. Some of their sets can be seen online on Pan Wales’ YouTube; a project that with the help of the local community aims to broadcast #Mach1 to Aberystwyth University and beyond!
For more information on MACH ONE, or to arrange an interview :

David Wyn Williams pancymru AT dailingual DOT com


Gadael Ymateb

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