l’Auteur en Foucault on the author

In the order of scientific discourse, it was, during the Middle Ages, indispensable that a scientific text be attributed to an author, for the author was the index of the work’s truthfulness.  But since the 17th Century this function has been steadily declining …In literature , however, and from about the same period, the author’s function has become steadily more important…we ask that they reveal, or at least display the hidden sense pervading their work; we ask them to reveal their personal lives, to account for their experience and the real story that gave birth to their writings.



L’ordre du discours Paris 1971

hynny’n cyfleu’r un ystyr am gerddorian a’u cyfansoddiadau hwy am wn i.

Seems to be talking about popular music as much as dusty old literature?

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Gadael Ymateb

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