What did the religious revival do to folk music in Wales?

Queer theory meets choir theories?/ Golwg amgen :



What civilisation in appearance has shown more respect towards discourse than our own? Where has it been more and better honoured?…

It is as thought the taboos, these barriers, thresholds and limits were deliberately disposed in order…to master and control the great proliferation of discourse, in such a way as to relieve its richness of its more dangerous elements; to organise its disorder so as to skate round its more uncontrollable aspects.  It is as though people had wanted to efface all trace of its irruption into the activity or our thought and language.

Mae’n rhaid bod Michel Foucault yn gyfarwydd iawn a’r tensiwn rhwng canu corawl a chanu gwerin felly. Falle.

Gadael Ymateb

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