The genius of Raymond Williams

from Culture is Ordinary


With WOMEX on the horizon, and the events of Manchester just gone…

More relevant today than it was then, even? :

There is an English bourgeois culture with its powerful educational, literary and social institutions, in close contact with the actual centres of power.

Wele George on the TV this morning…

We should welcome, encourage and foster the tendencies to regional recreation that are showing themselves; for culture is ordinary, you should not have to go to London to find it.

Beth yw’r ffrinjing gwaddol i Womex legacy?

We should be thinking, now, about ways of paying for our common services which will guarantee proper freedom to those who actually provide the service, while protecting them and us against a domineering minority whether political or financial.

Yn debyg iawn i beth ddwedodd Mered wrthom ni dros yr haf yn ystod ein cyfweliad sydd eisoes ar yr adran cerdd dant, ac felly hefyd ar Golwg 360 erbyn hyn…

Creu agenda a zeitgeist? About time.

Gadael Ymateb

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