Just the Beginning… / Dim ond y Dechrau… by / gan Zoë Waterman

Megis dim ond cychwyn – Wyn W #theatr Cymreig #byddardod

Theatr - Ilumine - Theatre

This will be the final blog from our R&D week, reflecting on what we set out to do and where we are now. As Illumine Theatre’s first project the last week had been far more than the sum of its parts – launching ourselves as a company; delving into areas of theatre practice that were entirely new to us; and developing a script that we hope will become the basis of our first full production.

We entered into this R&D period open to the idea that having a deaf character – played by a deaf actor – may not work, or may not be something we felt we could support at this stage. We have left the process convinced that it is absolutely the right thing for the story we are telling in this particular play, and for us as a company. Introducing the thread of congenital deafness to the…

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